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A new type of anticoagulant medication

A new type of anticoagulant medication and antivitamin A (NOAC) is now recommended as a preferred alternative to warfarin to reduce the risk of AFF, according to a recent update from 2014. American Heart Association / American College of Cardiology / Society Heart Rate Guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation. FAib is […]

At the same time, the

At the same time, the konjac noodles are saturated, so that the thoughts that constantly spread around the food disappear suddenly. You will feel full and comfortable for hours, after 100 grams of Konjac noodles. By the way, Konjac noodles are prepared in just one minute! Read the details about Konjac Noodle here: The Basic […]

Select cosmetics and body

Select cosmetics and body care according to ingredients. In the end, it’s about choosing the night cream you use to maintain your beauty. But be careful, because when your body tries to regenerate during the night, the facial mask can explode in your skin and spread throughout the body, causing damage in the future. Your […]

Natural treatments for age spots.

Natural treatments for age spots. Although age spots do not pose a health risk, you still want to get rid of them. Most of them are masked with makeup, treated with bleach creams or eliminated in many sessions, and not non-invasively, with laser. However, age spots do not arise without reason. If one knows their […]

Side effects of blood transfusions.

After serious surgery and severe blood loss, blood transfusions can save lives. But many doctors know that blood transfusions greatly reduce the body’s burden and can nullify the real benefits of saving lives. Unusual side effects include allergies, infections and lung or kidney complications. All these additional burdens on the body that a patient suffering […]

Reishi – the fungus of eternal life

  In China and Japan, the medical mushroom called Rishi has been honored for thousands of years and remains a symbol of happiness and eternity. Whether it’s liver disease, allergies, infections, heart disease or cancer: almost no other medical fungus that can be used in a very versatile way. But what are the active ingredients […]

Be careful when buying potatoes

Be careful when buying potatoes The potatoes are easy to digest, essential and a good source of potassium. However, pests can also be found in tubers, not only pesticide residues that are sprayed to repel insects, but also so-called antibacterial residues. These chemicals are sprayed on the potatoes before or after harvest. The expulsion of […]

Hair loss due to iron deficiency.

Hair loss due to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is common, iron deficiency can lead to hair loss. Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss, even if the typical symptoms of iron deficiency, such as anemia, difficulty concentrating and fatigue, are clearly uncertain. In the case of hair loss, you should always check your metal supply […]

Vitamin B12 for the brain and nerves.

Vitamin B12 for the brain and nerves. Vitamin B12 contains many different functions and functions in the body. It is involved in the formation of blood and cell division. Therefore, vitamin B12 is necessary especially when cells divide very quickly, for example. B in the gastrointestinal mucosa or in the blood. Vitamin B12 is also […]

Here are some other ways that children can help:

Cooking can help young childrenĀ Tevida learn and practice some basic math concepts and develop language skills. The experience of creating meals can help you develop your own confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. You can take a little flexibility and some simple preparations, but with the right expectations, your time in the […]