Month: February 2019

A new type of anticoagulant medication

A new type of anticoagulant medication and antivitamin A (NOAC) is now recommended as a preferred alternative to warfarin to reduce the risk of AFF, according to a recent update from 2014. American Heart Association / American College of Cardiology / Society Heart Rate Guidelines for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation. FAib is […]

At the same time, the

At the same time, the konjac noodles are saturated, so that the thoughts that constantly spread around the food disappear suddenly. You will feel full and comfortable for hours, after 100 grams of Konjac noodles. By the way, Konjac noodles are prepared in just one minute! Read the details about Konjac Noodle here: The Basic […]

Select cosmetics and body

Select cosmetics and body care according to ingredients. In the end, it’s about choosing the night cream you use to maintain your beauty. But be careful, because when your body tries to regenerate during the night, the facial mask can explode in your skin and spread throughout the body, causing damage in the future. Your […]