About 100 billion bacteria live in humans

Neem works against bacteria.
About 100 billion bacteria live in humans. Among them are harmless and absolutely useful colleagues, but also pathogens. Once pathogenic bacteria invade the body and cause infection, conventional medicine usually describes antibiotics.

The deadly thing is that antibiotics can kill not only the harmful bacteria but also the beneficial ones, in addition, they can become ineffective over time due to the formation of resistance in some bacteria.

Meanwhile, the antimicrobial effect of neem products has been demonstrated in many studies. For example, Neem works well against Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin inflammation, muscle disease or pneumonia.

Indian researchers from Andhra University have found in laboratory experiments that many of the nemexactrates against 14 bacterial strains. B. Klebsiella pneumoniae act, a microbe that can sometimes cause urinary tract infections.

Since many of the bacterial strains studied have already been resistant to antibiotics, neem preparations represent an important alternative.

Dental health neem
For lichens, among other things, Streptococcus mutans is responsible. In endure stack addition, there are bacteria that can cause gum disease.

To prevent these problems, countless people in India and Africa use small branches of the Neem tree to keep their teeth healthy by just chewing on the branches for a few minutes. After chewing the end of the branch, the wood fibers are left bare and resemble the brush. Then it can be used as a disposable toothbrush.

The effect of neem protection on teeth was also confirmed scientifically. It is also known that the neem solution can achieve the same antibacterial effect as chlorhexidine (CHX), which is very popular in dentistry.

Unlike chlorhexidine, which may be associated with some side effects, such as. B. With the discoloration of the brown teeth and the disorder of the taste sensation, Neem does not know the phenomenon.

Other research has shown that neem-containing toothpaste works against plaque and gingivitis. You can find more interesting information in: Natural dental care with antibacterial effect.

The main reason for the acquisition of pathogenic bacteria, of enduro stack CANADA course, is, of course, an immune system out of balance. As the neem strengthens the immune system, the healing tree helps in two ways.

Neem heals the ulcer
The number of ulcers is steadily increasing, not only due to an unhealthy lifestyle: in Germany alone, 800,000 people suffer from stomach ulcers and approximately one in ten suffers from a duodenal ulcer.

At the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, several attempts were made to treat gastric ulcers with extracts from the neem cortex.

In a study conducted at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in Calcutta, the researchers concluded that the symptoms of bronchial reflux and stomach ulcers could be reduced or even cured. Patients were treated with 30 mg of neem extract twice a day for 10 days. Already after 10 days a sharp reduction in gastric acid can be determined.

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