Alternative to aluminum foil: banana leaves.

Alternative to aluminum foil: banana leaves.
In many countries, the banana leaf has been used for a long time. In Europe, however, it is barely known. You can understand why bananas are not home here. However, banana leaves are increasingly found here and can be used for many recipes and physiotherapy applications. For example, banana leaves are a good alternative to aluminum foil because they pack all kinds of food and cook them in a healthy way. Because it contains an antibacterial effect, banana leaves can also be used as a wound dressing.

Banana leaves instead of aluminum foil.
While the fruit of a banana plant is one of the most popular fruits in Europe, the banana leaves or banana flowers are largely unknown. This is, of course, due to the fact that a banana plant depends on a tropical or subtropical climate. Although it is also grown in the EU, Z. in the Canary Islands, the Azores and Crete, but almost exclusively to enjoy local bananas.

With the opening of more and more Asian restaurants, but also African and South American restaurants in the main cities of Europe, interest in the courts around the world began to grow. Whether in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico or the Congo: banana leaves were indispensable in the kitchen for a long time, wherever they grow.

The bananas leave up to three meters long, they are flexible and waterproof here, but they used to cook in a very pleasant way. While in Europe, the controversial and ecological aluminum paper, wrapped  smooth curves forskolin  in the tropics, is used as food in banana leaves. The sweet fragrance goes directly to the food. In addition, the banana leaves are used to make good dishes or the dishes are served directly on large and attractive paper.

The banana boats clean the spiritual leaves.
Banana leaves are not only a sense of food, but also in terms of culture and religion for thousands of years of great importance. In many countries of South and Southeast Asia, it has long been the most important writing surface (paper). For the Buddhists and Hindus, the banana leaves are of ceremonial importance and are used in celebrations as decorative elements.

In the Floating Floating Floating Festival of Thailand, small plates of mother water from logs and banana leaves are made. They are decorated with flowers, incense and candles and then left in the water. The banana flower pots are a wonderful sight, where they are said to swim, and all the anger, evil and impurities of the soul with them.

Traditional treatment and its components.
In traditional medicine, banana leaves played an important role at least for a long time. It is used externally to treat skin diseases such as pimples, sores and burns. Studies have shown that banana leaves have an antibiotic or antioxidant effect and promote wound healing.

The medical effects of banana leaves are sometimes attributed to polyphenols. These antioxidants include epigallocatechin gels (EGCG), which are also found in green tea. In addition, banana leaves are rich in chlorophyll. Studies have already shown that green dye is useful in acne and also in slow-healing wounds.

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