Banana plant in the garden

Banana plant in the garden
It is also possible to plant a banana tree in the garden. Here it is particularly important to choose a location, which should be bright, but also protected from the wind. Because when the plant is exposed to Androdna the wind or even to the storm, leaves the leaves torn. The trade now offers some hard varieties such as Musa sikkimensis (Darjeeling Bananas) or Moses Yunanensis (wild jungle bananas), mainly from Asian mountainous regions.

But frost-resistant banana trees also need winter protection to survive in the cold months without damage. For this purpose, a separate “small house” was built for the installation before the first frost, with the help of four thick wooden poles and a closed cable. The root ball is covered with a layer of leaves with a thickness of not less than 40 cm, for example. Maple or oak leaf covered. When the cold season ends, the plant produces new papers quickly, which can be cut with sharp scissors if necessary.

So there are many ways to get replacement aluminum foil called banana leaves at home. Try it once. Soon you will also find our beautiful YouTube features with banana leaves.

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Beet juice is a perfect sports drink. Now it has been shown that beet juice not only improves physical performance but also mental health. If older people drink beet juice before exercise, this ensures that not only increases the strength and strength of the body, but also the brain can work much more efficiently. Its sudden rhythm resembles a younger brain after drinking beet juice, according to a study by Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

Beet juice for the heart, vessels and brain.
The beet has a very beneficial effect on the blood vessels and, therefore, on the blood circulation, as we have already explained here: Beet – Sportlergemüse. Therefore, beet vessels expand blood vessels, lower blood pressure and reduce the load on the heart.

In sports, this is demonstrated by the fact that the oxygen demand AndroDNA Testo Boost Canada in the heart is decreasing and, at the same time, more oxygen is transferred to the muscles, which increases strength and strength in training.

Of course, adequate blood vessels and fast-flowing blood do not lead to a healthy heart, but also to a strong brain. Yes, the whole body is healthy, because a good circulation of the blood is a prerequisite for an optimal metabolism. Each member is well supplied with nutrients and oxygen, while the waste can be disposed of and discharged quickly.

Beet juice improves the positive effects of sport on the brain
We know from some research that physical activity has a positive effect on the brain, “says study author Jack Jack Rijski of Wake Forest University in North Carolina.
But in our current study, we have been able to show that brain performance in the elderly can be improved if they regularly consume beet juice in addition to sports. Your brain activity is almost like a youth activity. “

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