blood-brain barrier

Neurons are very sensitive. It can toxins and other contaminants that enter the bloodstream breakdown function dramatically. This sensitivity may be the reason behind the brain isolated from the general blood circulation, by filtration it is called the blood-brain barrier system.

How does the blood-brain barrier work?
The effectiveness of this barrier depends Keto X Factor on the fact that the walls of the blood vessels that feed the brain can not penetrate only certain molecules. Dense envelopes of endothelial cells (supporting cells of the brain) surround the blood vessels.

It can be small molecules, such as oxygen, that cross the blood-brain barrier easily, but most of the larger molecules needed by the brain must be actively transported from the blood to the brain. Blood-brain barrier means that drugs that act directly on the central nervous system must make up very small particles or be soluble in the membranes of endothelial cells.
Any area that is not protected?
It is protected by the blood-brain barrier are areas of the brain that respond to hormones, or control functions in the chemical composition of the blood.

It can transport problems also occur in the same neurons, where the nerve cell is usually – composed together with the body of the cell – from a large number of thin processes. The radiation emitted by the nerve fibers of cells that transmit nerve signals can be mm or even centimeters, while the nerve cells themselves, with a diameter of only a few thousandth of a millimeter.

Therefore, the molecules that are installed by the cell body must sometimes be transported over great distances in order to reach the end of the nerve fibers. It is known today that the content of nerve fibers, which are axons, is an artery for the passage of molecules that are transmitted between the body of the cell and the ends of nerve fibers in both directions.

Vienna Transportation System
There are many transport systems, including slow material, wegbringt at a rate of approximately one millimeter per day of body cells, and quickly, and move materials at a rate of ten to twenty centimeters daily in both directions. Slow transfer movements during all materials that serve the growth and regeneration of nerve fiber system, while overflowing system of rapid transit of material, which can not be a long wait, for example, enzymes involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters .

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