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What You Should Know About Lipase And Pancreatic Tests

If your doctor suspects that someone has pancreatitis, they will have a simple blood test to check for elevated levels of lipase, an enzyme, in the blood. The pancreas produces lipase during digestion. chakra keto dietĀ This enzyme helps the intestine to break fat. When the pancreas is inflamed, it is excreted into an additional lipase. […]

What you should know about a 500 calorie diet

Each year, new diets appear to address the global problem of increasing obesity. A diet containing 500 calories may seem like a recent development, but it has been in many forms for many years. In this article, learn why some people use a diet that contains 500 calories and whether they are safe or not. […]

Our health is being manipulated

Have you ever noticed how the chemicals that spread through a field are transported by the wind, even in Bioacker? In addition, research has found that many organic farmers are improperly fertilized, that is, lima, which is not allowed in organic processing. It is clear that buying and consuming products that are organically grown will […]

blood-brain barrier

Neurons are very sensitive. It can toxins and other contaminants that enter the bloodstream breakdown function dramatically. This sensitivity may be the reason behind the brain isolated from the general blood circulation, by filtration it is called the blood-brain barrier system. How does the blood-brain barrier work? The effectiveness of this barrier depends Keto X […]

Intelligence prevents health

If one observes human behavior, one can decide that intelligent humans die of diseases, which can be easily avoided through healthy nutrition (vitamin D, vegetable juices and high-quality supplements). Even doctors get sick Some doctors suffer from cancer and prefer to Chakra Keto DietĀ undergo chemotherapy, for example, to take vitamin D supplements. Members of MENSA, […]

Only true healing gives health

The diseases feel uncomfortable. We want to get rid of you as soon as possible. There are different ways and means. And lead to some real healing, and allow individuals to rise isolated from the lowest level, while others inhibit the symptoms of the disease only in the short term, which makes people quickly able […]

Killed in the United States by Fukushima

Scientific studies of mortality indicate that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has claimed 14,000 lives in the United States. Surprisingly, the infant mortality rate increased significantly, especially in the United States after Fukushima. Are these deaths directly related to the nuclear accident? 14,000 dead in the United States after Fukushima In a scientific study published in […]

Why do nipples become difficult?

When someone has painful and painful nipples, their first concern may be if this is evidence of a serious health problem. The good news is that nipple pain is rarely a symptom of cancer or any other serious illness. Nipples are naturally irritated during certain activities, such as sports. This problem can usually be solved […]

Exercise reduces the risk of colon cancer

TV may increase the risk of colorectal cancer in men Men who tend to watch their favorite television shows tend to take note of the results of a new study. Such behavior could increase the risk of colorectal cancer. A man watching television The researchers suggest that more than 4 hours of daily television may […]

Common allergic drugs can damage testicular function

It can contribute to antihistamines, which are usually available at the table and used to treat allergies, in male infertility, according to the results of a review of a new methodology. Description of antihistamines The researchers found that antihistamines inhibit testicular function in male rats. The authors of the new paper argue that more studies […]