Cost of death: coffins, mantles and valuable memories

How much does it cost to die? Around $ 15,000.

At least when my grandmother died, the woman who beat me, it cost a lot for the funeral.

When I opened a credit card for a maximum of $ 20,000 in the years that followed, I was relieved to realize that I could pay for a funeral when a hat fell. I had control only in the case. Because I learned with my grandmother that “just in case” can happen between keto fit premium ying goodnight on Sundays and stopping after work on Monday.

The hardest part of death is the loss of someone you love. But then you are surprised by a wave of costs, not just for the funeral or the reception.
Four years after the death of the grandmother, most of Donnie paid. But some are still interesting.

I share some of the costs, emotional and financial, with the hope that it is ready, since most of us will lose someone we love at least once.
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Being the last one to see him but without learning to say goodbye bittersweet farewell. Being the first person he found dead was terrible.

I will never forget the metal sheet of the laurel, of his brother, when she died. They even included a pillow for his head. For the family, obviously.

When the forensic doctor came to the final grandmother’s joy, we used sheets to take her to the basement. Despite the transparent face, yellow pallor, head of the rotten horn, and a different sense of the corpse in the air, we did everything possible in order to be expensive and thin, as if we were simply asleep.

I tried to push that day away from my mind in the following years as I drank a chimney and drank to suppress my biological disintegration.

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