However, nattokinase is an isolated enzyme,

However, nattokinase is an isolated enzyme, so there are no more natural foods and, therefore, possibly at the wrong dose, too (like the fluidity of medical blood) leads to excessive hyperlipidemia.

However, in this context, only case reports are known in which affected patients have not only taken nattokinase but have taken nattokinase in addition to medications that weaken their blood.

As with goji berries, it is unfortunate that not only have you administered nattokinase alone and not at the same time a medication to thin the blood. Based on the INR measurement, the nattokinase effect can be easily verified. On the other hand, even in the case of nattokinase, it is strongly recommended not to ingest, like this one. For example in the Testo Drive 365 case of medical telegram 2 of 2011.

If you want to eat Nattokinase in natural foods, you may come up with the idea of ​​eating Natto, a traditional Japanese dish made from fermented soy, which is available in some Asian stores. The taste, however, takes a while to get used to.

In addition, NATO is relatively rich in vitamin K; Vitamin K (high doses) is considered a discount for blood fluids. Therefore, it is better to resort to the purification of vitamin K natu natinazin.

Another enzyme of thin blood is the nattoquinasa and the bromelina of the pineapple:

In a 2011 review of the University of West London, United Kingdom, six studies on bromelain and blood thinning were conducted.

Bromelain, the known pineapple enzyme, has been shown to be  Testo Drive 365 Male Enhancement  useful in the treatment of acute thrombophlebitis (superficial thrombosis), since it reduces the accumulation of blood clots (clotting of the blood), has a protective effect on the heart and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Turmeric is a type of spices that has been well researched since then and has many beneficial properties for health, whether detoxification, liver protection, dental care, low blood sugar or cancer prevention.

In terms of cardiovascular protection and natural blood relief, the Medical Center of the University of Maryland wrote about turmeric as of April 2014:

Studies show that turmeric helps prevent atherosclerosis and prevents blood platelets from coagulating, which prevents blood from clotting. ”
The effect of thinning blood in turmeric seems to be impressive, so it is recommended to stop taking turmeric supplements two weeks before the planned operation.

Turmeric can also increase the thinning effect of blood warfarin, aspirin and co. For this reason, turmeric is not recommended as a dietary supplement if you take pharmaceutical anticoagulant medications.

In a Korean study in 2012, the anticoagulant properties of curcumin, the active active ingredient isolated from turmeric, were examined. Surprisingly, the effects of curcumin in the blood were so good that it was said that the daily intake of turmeric spices can maintain a healthy blood flow in the long term.

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