In addition to hormonal disorder, it

Drugs and hair loss.
In addition to hormonal disorder, it is often referred to as the cause of hair loss. But even this is not necessarily a reason, it is a motivation. Many drugs have massive side effects and contaminate the body with harmful substances. The body is weak and excessive acidity can not excrete these substances.

The pill also discourages women’s detoxification by inhibiting menstrual bleeding. The bleeding that occurs when the pill is stopped is not a real bleeding in the menstrual cycle, which is known as withdrawal bleeding and does not have a natural cleansing effect.

Hair loss can also occur through exposure to heavy metals, radioactive radiation and X-rays. But all these stimuli share one thing: the body is weak, acidic and restricted in its ability to function.

Treatment of hair loss completely.
In summary, it can be said that it is better to stop hair loss in a holistic senseĀ Niwali Keto Diet and thus promote hair growth. This concept includes 7 important points:

Nutrition change: transforming nutrition is essential. A healthy and basic diet provides our body with all the basic components it needs to maintain our health. Details about the correct diet for hair loss can be found here.
Fat removal and remineralization: the main cause of hair loss is acidity and lack of minerals. Therefore, removing fat, purifying and remineralizing is very necessary if you want to stop hair loss.
Cleaning of colon and structure of intestinal plants: to remineralize, the intestine must be balanced and be able to absorb minerals. Everything about colon cleansing can be found here.
Basic hair and scalp care: with regard to hair loss, especially hair removal from the scalp in the foreground. The basic care of hair and scalp can withstand this inhibition very well.
Basic body care: Basic body care is also useful if you want to moisten your body.
Management of stress and anxiety: stress and anxiety are two things that weigh and acidify the body. In order to prevent any hyperacidity in the general concept against hair loss, it is also necessary to deal with stress and anxiety. Read more about stress management in this article.
The procedure that accompanies it includes the procedures that can be accompanied, in addition to those mentioned above, for example, home remedies, physiotherapy, traditional treatments or medical treatments that can also be useful to stop hair loss.

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