In Ayurveda, neem oil is applied internally

Neemöl – a round
Neem oil is pressed from dried and crushed seeds, which contain up to 40 percent oil.

In Ayurveda, neem oil is applied internally and externally and z. As in chronic skin diseases, ulcers, worms, rheumatism, fever, leprosy and recommended contraception.

Neem oil in agriculture.
Neem oil is sometimes used in agriculture, such as z. Protects against lice and spider spiders, particularly against powerful and absorbent pests, as they only absorb neem oil with a marked concentration.

Different studies have shown that neem oil is beneficial for bees, unlike many synthetic insecticides, there is no risk.

Garden enthusiasts can use Neem oil as follows:

You will need 5 ml of Nimol and 1 ml of Remolgan. Rimulgan is an emulsifier and useful herbal agent, which is made of water-soluble neem oil.

Now you only need to mix these ingredients, mix with a liter of water and pour in the water sprayer. You can spray the neem solution once or twice a day on the affected parts of the plant.

In addition, the so-called press cakes (waste from the press from oil production) are used as cover material in the cultivation of the native countries of Neem. Soil is enriched in this way with nitrogen and other nutrients, alpha titan testo  while at the same time being free of nematodes.

The neem oil keeps away the parasites.
Scientists have shown that neem oil not only preserves the growth of parasitic plants, but also protects humans and animals. The application is external, so it can be annoying pests like. Like mites or lice for free.

It is also useful to deter the tick with bitter taste and full of neem oil.

In India, there are many Ayurvedic preparations for this purpose. Now some of us can buy. You can make these home remedies, but also you great.

Here, a shampoo is simply added in amounts of about 3 to 5 percent of the neem oil, which can then be washed from the animal layer (or human head, for example, in the case of lice). It is important to let the wash solution work for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it well with the shower.

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