Intelligence prevents health

If one observes human behavior, one can decide that intelligent humans die of diseases, which can be easily avoided through healthy nutrition (vitamin D, vegetable juices and high-quality supplements).

Even doctors get sick
Some doctors suffer from cancer and prefer to Chakra Keto Diet undergo chemotherapy, for example, to take vitamin D supplements. Members of MENSA, a talented international association, often feed on junk food and suffer from diabetes or other nutrition-related diseases . Even the most intelligent lawyers and physicists, among the most intelligent people in their field of experience, are completely ignorant when it comes to basic health relationships.

Even friends avoid health
If you look around you in your own circle of friends and acquaintances, you will usually find that few people are well versed in health issues. In general, they do not know anything about the basics of a healthy diet or the benefits of good dietary supplements or the risks of medications. Eat junk food, processed foods, dairy products, food contaminated with pesticides and other toxic chemicals. By no means are they inferior to most intelligent people.

Limited intelligence
Often, the intelligence of many people is limited to the requirements of their jobs. But when it comes to your body, intelligence leaves something desirable. To become an expert in a particular field, the foundations of other areas are often neglected. This is related to the fact that the study usually takes a long time, and then more time is devoted to supplementary specialized complementary education.

Man has only one body
This is understandable, but even the intelligent person should not forget that he has this one body and that he should plant it as much as possible. For any healthy food, for moderate exercise in the open air and for a comfortable and complete sleep, our body will thank us in the form of good health.

Teach you as an expert in comprehensive nutrition
Is your passion a healthy diet? Do you like the surplus base, the natural diet? Do you want to understand the links between our food and our health from a holistic perspective? Do you want nothing more than to make all your knowledge about your health and nutrition profession?

The Academy of Natural Medicine trains people like you in 12 to 18 months as a comprehensive health advisor. If you would like more information about distance education at the Natural Medicine Academy, here are all the details and comments of current and previous participants.

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