Killed in the United States by Fukushima

Scientific studies of mortality indicate that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has claimed 14,000 lives in the United States. Surprisingly, the infant mortality rate increased significantly, especially in the United States after Fukushima. Are these deaths directly related to the nuclear accident?

14,000 dead in the United States after Fukushima
In a scientific study published in the International Journal of Health Services, estimates were issued for all deaths in the United States after the Fukushima nuclear disaster for the first time.

The authors of the study, Joseph J. Mangano and Janet de Sherman, noted an unexpected increase Rapid Tone Diet in mortality rates in the United States after the reactor accident. In the first 14 weeks after the Fukushima disaster, at least 14,000 people died in the United States. The majority of these deaths affected children under one year of age.
Infant mortality in the United States has increased to Fukushima
However, Joseph J. Mangano and Janet de Sherman did not study the deaths after the Fukushima disaster, but in the months and years before. Only in this way scientists have been able to make good comparisons between the previous and subsequent consequences of a nuclear accident. Interestingly, infant mortality rates before the disaster decreased by 8.37 percent, while they increased by 1.8 percent in the following weeks. For adults, the mortality rate was recorded 4.4 percent in the following weeks Fukushima.

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