Many women lose their hair after or during pregnancy

Hair loss and hormonal disorder.
Many women lose their hair after or during pregnancy. This is because the hormonal balance in the hand changes during pregnancy, but it also increases the mineral needs.

Purification of bleeding menstruation.
Variable hormonal balance ensures that women during pregnancy do not have a basic purification mechanism: menstrual bleeding. This is also the case during or after menopause. With monthly bleeding, the female body can cleanse and detoxify in a natural and effective way. Some acids or contaminants can be removed directly without having to be neutralized using precious metals.

If the hormonal balance does not change during pregnancy and bleeding does not occur, the body must get rid of the accumulated acids through other mechanisms. This in turn leads to higher mineral requirements.

Stop hair loss in women.
Hair loss during or after pregnancy is usually temporary. Hair growth Elite max keto  usually returns to normal within six to twelve months after birth. However, you should not ignore this temporary problem. Hair loss is a sign of mineral deficiency, which should be taken seriously. With a basic diet and an increase in the amount of metal, as well as a basic hair care, the hair follicles can not be filled just as a deposit of metals, since it stimulates the elimination of fat and benefits the whole body.

Especially during pregnancy or menopause, when the hormonal balance changes, it is recommended to provide a healthy diet with many minerals and vital substances. If you already suffer from hair loss, or want to avoid it, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin E should be taken naturally.
Intestinal health against hair loss.
However, for our body to absorb all the minerals in our food, our Elitemax keto digestive system must function properly. In general, the healthy digestive tract is the key to a healthy body.

Therefore, for non-pregnant women who suffer hair loss, wonders may work to replenish the intestines, along with a change in diet. Only during pregnancy should a colon cleansing be performed, since colon cleansing can cause a detoxification reaction. The best leads to colon cleansing before pregnancy because this provides the ideal conditions for a good intake of minerals, which is not just hair growth, but also for a good baby.

Regulation of hormonal balance.
When hormones are idiots, especially rice, potatoes, wild sweet potatoes (dessoria and wild), dong kai (angelica sinensis), apple tree, clover and clover, as well as regular exercise and the limit associated with Stress are very useful. Also, benefit the hormonal balance and scalp, not only if you drink a little alcohol, take little sugar and dispense junk food with nutrients poor in nutrients. These “stimuli” only acidify and degrade our body and do not contribute in any way to a healthy diet.

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