Medications that can prevent the intake

Medications that can prevent the intake of vitamin B12 include, but are not limited to, acid blockers (described as stomach burns or so-called stomach protection), gout and anticoagulants (also called anticoagulants).

Our observations suggest that cognitive decline may also be due to an inadequate supply of vitamin B12. Therefore, you should look for a healthy level of vitamin B12 in each case,
Dr. Paul Jack, author of the study and director of the Tuberculosis Program of Food Epidemiology. However, since older people in particular often have trouble absorbing vitamin B12 from their diet, they should eat foods rich in vitamin B12 or a vitamin B12 supplement.

The lower the vitamin B12, the higher the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Also in Sweden, research is ongoing, and in the Journal of Internal Testo Drive 365 Medicine in 2012, it is said that people with vitamin B12 are better protected than Alzheimer’s.

For this study, the levels of holotranscobalamin (active vitamin B12 in the blood) and homocysteine ​​levels were studied in 271 people aged 65 to 79 years who did not develop dementia at the beginning of the study.

Homocysteine ​​is an internal but toxic agent produced by the metabolism of proteins. Due to its toxicity (the blood vessels can be damaged) they decompose rapidly in a healthy organism.

However, for this deterioration, three vitamins are required: vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and folic acid (which also belongs to the group of vitamin B). The higher the level of homocysteine, the greater the vitamin B deficiency.

Seven years later, 17 patients had Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers now found that with every slight increase in homocysteine, the risk of Alzheimer’s increased by 16 percent.

At the same time, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease decreased by 2 percent with every slight increase in vitamin B12 levels. Other influencing factors can be excluded, such as age, sex, nicotine consumption, blood pressure, weight and education.

Iranian researchers also found high levels of amino acids in patients with multiple sclerosis in 2013.

At the same time, those infected had low levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid, so you should get vitamin B levels as soon as possible in this disease.

Low levels of vitamin B12 in autism and schizophrenia.
Exactly how low levels of vitamin B12 can cause neurological disorders in an article published in January 2016 in Public Library of Science One (PLOS One).

Dr. Richard Deith, a professor of pharmacology at Nova South Eastern University and an international team, discovered that vitamin B12 levels were very low not only in older people but also in people with schizophrenia and children with autism under 10 years of age.

Yes, autistic children had only one third of vitamin B12 levels for healthy children.

However, B12 levels in the brain were measured here. If the mirror sinks there, it will not appear in the blood for a long time. DETH.

Large deficiencies of vitamin B12 in the brain can explain the cause of neurological and neurological neurological symptoms.

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