Only true healing gives health

The diseases feel uncomfortable. We want to get rid of you as soon as possible. There are different ways and means. And lead to some real healing, and allow individuals to rise isolated from the lowest level, while others inhibit the symptoms of the disease only in the short term, which makes people quickly able to work again, but in the long term, more than ever. The path to real healing can sometimes seem problematic. But as soon as you reach the goal, you know all of these efforts in the presence of fading radioactive health to trivial trivia.

Medications make healing impossible
Traditional medicine often focuses on the symptoms of the Maxadrex  disease in the treatment of diseases. Then it is suppressed with medication.

However, just one traditional processor is dedicated to the investigation of time and complex real cause of the disease.

Once you have found the reason, it is quickly evident that the use of drugs can not be eliminated from the world and that the patient will have to take some action to eliminate the cause (for example, a change in lifestyle and nutrition). ), but this does not mean that all patients meet with enthusiasm and without reservation.
The drug creates a vicious circle
Therefore, neither the doctor nor the patient care about any real research. Prefer the symptoms Suppression of pills or even surgery to maintain a comfortable family life.

Very bad, because this road could end up in a vicious circle of complaints that are constantly repeated or that get worse.

However, getting rid of the real cause will be slow, but it always leads to real pleasure.

Analgesics are insensitive but not cured
For example, the headache disappears after the analgesic. However, analgesics do not treat the cause of the pain, but only numb the pain they feel.

We can also face headaches in other ways. Why not just think about what could be causing our headaches?

We can take measures that comfort us and give our body what it needs. Maybe this would quickly end the headache.

The result will be strengthened body and therefore less susceptibility to headaches in the future – which is, of course, can not make a headache tablet.

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