Pain in the lower back and vaginal discharge: what you should know

Both back pain and vaginal discharge can occur for a wide variety of reasons. These symptoms are common by themselves. When they occur together, they can indicate a latent state.
In this article, you know seven possible causes of low back pain and vaginal discharge. We also explored the risk factors and treatment options for each problem.

Cases that cause low back pain and vaginal Rapid Results Keto discharge include:

1. Urinary tract infection (UTI)
A woman with lower back pain
UTI can cause lower back pain and increase vaginal discharge.
When the urinary tract infection is in the bladder, the condition is called cystitis. When urinary tract infections occur in the urethra, this condition is called the urethra. When the kidney is located, this is simply called kidney infection.

Bacteria are most commonly responsible for urinary tract infection, but fungi and viruses can also cause them.

UTI can happen to people of any age, including children.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection include:

Increased vaginal discharge
Burning when urinating
Urge to urinate constantly
Pelvic pain
Back pain
Weakness and fatigue
2. Pregnancy
It may indicate low back pain and abnormal vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Vaginal secretions can increase size and change during this time.

Increased secretions help protect the uterus from infections. More secretions may appear in the last weeks of pregnancy.

Back pain is also common during pregnancy, especially as the baby grows or moves. These actions can affect the nerves that affect the back.

3. Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized ectopic egg is attached, usually to the fallopian tube.

When this happens, the doctor must extract the fertilized egg before it grows significantly and causes internal damage.

Ectopic pregnancy can cause:

Acute abdominal cramps
Pain in the rectum
Acute pain on one side radiates backwards
4. Interactive arthritis
This condition causes inflammation of the joints. Infections, including sexually transmitted infections, can cause symptoms.

Reactive arthritis can cause abnormal discharge and low back pain, but the condition is not associated with serious health risks.

5. Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Symptoms do not appear immediately after transmission and may take several weeks to appear.

Due to the delay in symptoms, gonorrhea is often not treated. This can cause serious health complications, including infertility.

Most women with gonorrhea have no symptoms. When present, symptoms may include discharge and pelvic pain, which can radiate to the lower back.

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