Reishi – the fungus of eternal life


In China and Japan, the medical mushroom called Rishi has been honored for thousands of years and remains a symbol of happiness and eternity. Whether it’s liver disease, allergies, infections, heart disease or cancer: almost no other medical fungus that can be used in a very versatile way. But what are the active ingredients responsible for this? What should I consider? How is Reishi Tea Made and how can Reishi be used to make an extract or syrup? Follow us in the legendary world of mushrooms from Rishi Medical!


Reishi Medical Mushroom – one of the oldest human medicines

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is one of the most important medicina Trialixl fungi and one of the oldest medicines for mankind. It happens all over the world and grows mainly in the fall of trees, my favorite tree is oak.


In the German-speaking countries, Rishi is known as the “lack”, while¬†Trialix CANADA in Chinese folk medicine, the “Ling Zhi” has been used for healing for almost 4000 years.


Unlike z. Like a mushroom or an oyster mushroom, which is both a medical mushroom and an edible mushroom, the feather is not one of the edible mushrooms. It is a pure medicinal mushroom, its texture is very difficult, it also has a bitter taste.


The fact that Rishi, however, gained great popularity, speaks of an extraordinary healing power.









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