Side effects of blood transfusions.

After serious surgery and severe blood loss, blood transfusions can save lives. But many doctors know that blood transfusions greatly reduce the body’s burden and can nullify the real benefits of saving lives. Unusual side effects include allergies, infections and lung or kidney complications. All these additional burdens on the body that a patient suffering from a serious illness can not afford.



How dangerous is the blood transfusion really?

Blood transfusions moved for the first time in the 1980s to the center


of public interest, as HIV / AIDS caused a stir. However, the probability today is so low that the HI virus is transmitted through the blood bank. Almost excluded is also hepatitis infection.


Currently, there are completely different side effects with



transfusions. There may be negative reactions such as fever, allergies, infections, cardiovascular disorders and, in the worst case, complications in the lungs and kidneys. Even if the blood groups are in agreement with the blood donors and the future of the blood.


The human heart presses blood through the veins and arteries approximately 100,000 times a day at a speed of up to 4 kilometers per hour. It only takes a minute to flow throughout the cycle and consists of a partial and liquid part.








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