The change of variable baths or showers

The bathrooms are cold
The change of variable baths or showers or water sources can be done comfortably by all in its four walls, does not cost too much and has many health benefits. Replacement shower activation, detoxification, improves blood circulation, increases overall performance and absorption of negative energies.

Change the shower: imitate hot springs and cold rivers.
The primitive man ate in hot springs and then jumped into the cold rivers. Today we do not necessarily need hot water and there is no need for a cold river to flow into the house. Changing the shower has almost the same effect.

Most of us used to take a hot shower. Only the idea of ​​using cold water can be very discouraging for some. However, once you try, you will be so excited that you will not want to take a different shower. Changing the shower is incredibly refreshing, even electrifying and energizing. Then you can steal the horses and tear the trees at the same time.

How do I apply a change shower?
Start up a better rotating shower with hot water. After a few minutes, switch to cold water for 1 minute. Then, return to the hot water, repeat the process several times and finish the bath, but with cold water! The hot teal farms keto water must be very hot and very cold.

As long as you do not burn: the better, the better. The same goes for cold water. The better, the better. (The elderly, the vulnerable and those suffering from heart problems should avoid very cold water).

If you have problems at first, especially with cold water, simply blow your feet and arms. In the next round, start again with the feet and arms, then carefully run the legs, the chest area and the back, finally comes a delicate belly of the chain.

Start strongly with springs of water.
You do not have to load full-time underwater ice on your first try. Increase slowly and make sure you never stop enjoying.

If you never sing in the bathroom, it will start now. And you will not sing alone during this water! They will scream, pant, gasp, gasp for breath, depend on the situation in life, and then fall into an indescribable sense of happiness.
Effects of revolving baths: detoxification and improves blood circulation.
Switching between the contrast of hot and cold water will stretch the muscles and shrink them again, which will lead to a gentle detoxification where the “contaminants” of the muscles are eliminated.

In addition, changing the shower improves blood circulation, and ideally functional rotation has indispensable advantages. If your body suffers from poor circulation, you will not be regularly given fresh blood to all areas of the body.

The result is that the body can not provide restricted areas and is closed with nutrients and oxygen and, of course, can not be cleaned regularly. Finally, dirt and toxins accumulate in these areas that lack oxygen and blood. These exact accumulations of dirt and poison are considered the most pure breeding areas of diseases of all kinds.

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