The condition of the gums and teeth also

Magnesium deficiency is widespread today and it is suspected that it is involved in the development of many diseases. The following link leads to the text that you are. A. Know any food or any dietary supplement that can meet your magnesium needs.

Chlorella and algae spirulina
Algae such as Chlorella or Spirulina are characterized by an unusually high richness of food and chlorophyll and bioactive botanicals, so they support the functions of the body and a healthy lifestyle that can greatly enrich. Chlorella algae are also used to remove heavy metals (mercury) after the depletion of amniotic teeth, as they are able to bind toxins so that they can be secreted through the intestines.

Dental hygiene is accurate
The condition of the gums and teeth also affects the entire object. For example, people with chronic gingivitis are more likely to have arthritis (chronic arthritis) than people with healthy gums.

For this reason, dental hygiene is an important part of any medical care. However, you will notice that your teeth already have a much lower plateau due to the change in diet, as was the case with the “normal” diet.

In addition, gum problems usually subside a few weeks after a diet change or disappear altogether. To support excellent oral health with fluoride-free, fluoride-free toothpaste, use regular flossing and flushing with oil daily (Ölziehkur). More information about Ölziehkur can be found here.

Reduce stress
In any case, you can obtain the correct offers from your health insurance company or your employer, which can provide relaxation measures, such as: B. Self-stimulation training, progressive muscle relaxation Ä .. And find out about the possibilities of driving of stress.

The physical exercises are indispensable. On the contrary, sport can ketozin compensate one or two “sins”. So do not be late tomorrow, but never now and today. Again, companies or health insurance companies offer special training courses, so choose a topic here that takes into account your possible weakness, for example. Back training, cardiovascular training, aquatic fitness for common problems, etc.

We wish you good health!

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