They decided to be healthy or sick

They decided to be healthy or sick
Each of us has a great impact on your health, even if you repeatedly try to convince us otherwise: that the health authorities of doctors and the media do everything possible to make us believe that our health is exclusively in the hands of the industry pharmaceutical company, its products and its followers. It is not true in any way.

Are medications good?
Are dietary supplements risky and eat a useless health?

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly trying to convince the public that its rich products and side effects are good for your health.

At the same time, it was pointed out that dietary supplements are incredibly risky and that healthy foods offer no special health benefits.

Health authorities and most doctors repeat the same nonsense in the same way as the prayer mill.

Thus, the pharmaceutical advertisement shows us day after day to the people who ingest the pill with happiness, and they are also full of health and vitality.

In fact, people who regularly consume pharmaceutical products are very unhappy (if they are not depressed), full of toxins (of prescription drugs and an inadequate diet) and, unfortunately, nothing but healthy.

You do not believe me? Then go to the people themselves! First look at  Teal Farms Keto those who regularly enter pharmacies. Then they see people enter the bioshop market. Finally, compare the two. Do you see

People who visit pharmacies …
… have an unhealthy posture, pale skin, spots or mottled skin, black circles and weak muscles. Their facial expressions are stained, bitter, angry, sad or beaten. They work without energy and without energy.

People who regularly consume pharmaceutical products often suffer from poisoned liver. The kidneys are overloaded and can not cope with the elimination of the continuous flow of toxins. Therefore, pharmaceutical drugs circulate in the blood permanently and affect everyone, in fact to all the functions of the body.

These people suffer from poor digestion and suffer from sleep disorders and erectile dysfunction (in other words, they are warm and defenseless with regard to sex).

Go to your environment with sudden changes of humor in cookies and not always have a suicidal behavior, especially if they suffer from chronic pain. These people often suffer financial problems because they are constantly forced to buy expensive pharmaceutical products.

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