This can be observed regularly, for example

Watering helps prevent cancer
This can be observed regularly, for example, in cancer and tumors. Cancer and tumors are nothing more than an inevitable result of fungal blocks and “dirt is gebliebenem”.

The stomach ulcer develops, among other things, whenever it is necessary to encapsulate the dirt. Dirt that can not be eliminated because the detoxification system is permanently overwhelmed by chemical substances (drugs and poisons in personal care products, environmental toxins, indoor toxins, etc.) and malnutrition, and also because the much-needed cleaning is avoid through double circulation

Change the shower eliminating negative energies.
Cold water has something magical. It contains the amount of oxygen on the hot water, therefore it contains an alkaline effect (ie the removal of fat) and detoxification. In addition, it is known that cold water deprives the body of negative energies. These negative energies also play a role in most diseases, especially when there are cancer and tumors.

Therefore, the use of cold water helps eliminate the energy that will bind the dirt and pick it up in certain places. Once those energies are excluded (and when the bloodstream is in excellent condition), dirt can be easily removed from the body, as it should be.

Sea salt also releases negative energies.
Swimming in the sea and especially the sea salt contained in the sea also eliminates the negative energy, which may be the reason why many cultures have a good reputation at sea, to be more relaxed and relaxed. When theĀ pure fast keto negative energies are also released immediately when they reappear, of course, this also reduces the risk that the body may ever repair and return someday as a disease or emotional problem.

But even without the sea on your door, you can use this effect. You just used unprocessed pure sea salt for healthy food storage: two spoons are stored high quality sea salt for a few minutes in the palm to absorb unwanted energies. This can also be done when the negative energies come back repeatedly after the bath.

Our recommendation
The salts extract the negative energies of the body through the palms of the hands. Once the salt absorbs the negative energy, let it sit in the sun for a day or two. In this way it is cleaned and can be used again to absorb the energy.

The shower can be changed, yes, it must be done daily, and if you want to get rid of a particularly negative energy charge or if you need a stronger detoxification, have the shower changed several times a day. Overdose is not possible.

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