This morning it was learned that Megan Markle

This morning it was learned that Megan Markle and Prince Harry were waiting for their first child. They were also present at the wedding of Sister Eugenie’s daughter last weekend. At the same time, the two are already in Australia, where their first official trip as a couple begins. But can you really fly if you’re pregnant? We asked gynecologist Anne Mortier.
“Unfortunately, there are few studies available on the impact of aviation on pregnancy,” said Ann Morte, gynecologist. “Certainly, when we analyze the impact on early abortion or the construction of organs during the first three months, we can say very little information, anyone with flights lasting more than 4 hours has more than 2 to 4 times more risk of thrombophlebitis. In addition to a blood clot SafewithSmartfood¬†clogs the blood vessel due to prolonged positions and the distribution of other oxygen in the air, pregnant women are 5 to 10 times more likely The development of the thrombus of a non-pregnant person increases this risk It is higher during the period of motherhood, so we advise pregnant women to take a chair in the aisle, so they can walk easily and regularly, since the exercises of the calf muscles and compression stockings Under the knee can help reduce the risk.

“However, the flight during pregnancy is safe in principle and is allowed in most companies for up to 36 weeks, check the deadlines applicable to the airline you are traveling to, since they vary from 32 to 36 weeks. Important to contact your health insurance fund For example, some health insurance funds do not contribute to medical costs when you travel abroad after 28 weeks of pregnancy, regardless of whether you travel by plane, train or car ” .

Harry and Megan arrived in Australia this morning. Megan kept two floral sets in her belly.
AFP and Harry Megan arrived in Australia this morning. Megan kept two floral sets in her belly.
“In addition, the second chapter is the most pleasant time to travel, because you can really enjoy your pregnancy, and the first and last trimester often accompanies all types of harassment, which makes it uncomfortable to travel.”

“However, you should always consult your doctor before traveling to see if there are specific problems to be taken into account.” Countries where tropical diseases prevail, such as malaria and Zika, will discourage your doctor anyway. “It is particularly important to pay attention to your diet and hygiene problems during the holidays to prevent infections such as toxoplasmosis and Listeria.”

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