Thrush and breastfeeding

Castles and yeasts
Castle and nipple disease occurs orally when it comes to breastfeeding. The most common causes of this infection are the types of candida yeast that live naturally in our bodies. While yeast infections can occur anywhere, the most common areas of the body are the mouth, thigh, and areas where the skin is covered and rubbed constantly.

If you suffer from canker sores or reading is breastfeeding the child or suffering from oral candidiasis, seeking to avoid or break the castles disease BIO X Keto and calm the symptom cycle, continue.

What are the specific symptoms of nipple castles?
Symptoms of nipple castration include:

Itching, peeling or shiny skin on the halo or nipples
Red or cracked nipples
Deep stabbing in your breasts during or between meals
Symptoms of oral streptococcal disease include:

White lesions were raised on the tongue or inside the cheeks
Redness or irritation around the lips
Bleeding or cracking of the lips
It is also possible that the child has no symptoms.

Management and treatment of the nipple
If you are breastfed and you are suffering from castration, you will need treatment. You can continue breastfeeding during the nipple castration treatment, according to La Leach University, International.

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