Various HIIT training plans

Various HIIT training plans
As in all areas, of course, there are different methods and training plans in HIIT. They differ in terms of time intervals or density.

In addition to the Wingate method, the following three training plans are currently being implemented in the fitness market: Tabata Method, Problem Training and Little Way.

HIIT with Tabata method
The Tabata method was developed by Dr. med. Izumi Tabata was developed from Japan. Tabata training is only 4 minutes (without heating).

It should heat up in three minutes. Then start with a 20-second high-density separator, for example, a run. Then go slowly for 10 seconds. Run again for 20 seconds and then 10 seconds. This is done a total of eight times, so eight spend 30 seconds.

Then stop for 60 seconds and, if you wish, you can join the next eight rounds.

Of course, racing is not necessarily speed. Other exercises can be implemented.

Two to four times a week, Tabataba exercises should  elite xl performed. However, they are not very suitable for beginners. Instead of people who have already reached a certain level of physical condition.

To begin with, the mathematical world Craig Ballantin designed the path of turbulence.

HIIT with the perturbation method
The turbulence method combines strength training and heart training.

After warming up for five minutes, start with some repetitions (for example, eight) of a strength-training exercise, for example. B with dumbbells. Do the exercise slowly and focused, and exhale while exercising while relaxing.

Then continue for a minute with high intensity cardiac exercises, z. B. Mountaineer

This interval is repeated as many times as possible. The goal can be 45 minutes, which is done three times a week. But half the time is acceptable, of course.

For middle-aged people, doctors Jonathan Little and Martin Gibala developed Little Way in 2009.
HIIT with Little Way
The HIIT using the Little method takes 60 seconds, followed by 75 seconds with low density. Everything must be finished after 12 passes and a total of 27 minutes.

The small method must be executed three times a week.

If you want to apply the Little Way on a bicycle, for example, here’s how it works: after three minutes of warm-up, you can pedal 60 seconds as fast as possible and with maximum resistance. Then press 75 seconds slowly and with low resistance. Including the warm-up completed after 30 minutes of training.

After only two weeks, you will achieve remarkable results, both in appearance and in your health.

Of course, HIIT is not suitable for everyone. It is a great challenge for the body, so it should be taken slowly and gradually increased.

If you are not sure that HIIT is an appropriate exercise for you, you should first consult with your doctor.

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