What You Should Know About Lipase And Pancreatic Tests

If your doctor suspects that someone has pancreatitis, they will have a simple blood test to check for elevated levels of lipase, an enzyme, in the blood.
The pancreas produces lipase during digestion. chakra keto diet This enzyme helps the intestine to break fat. When the pancreas is inflamed, it is excreted into an additional lipase.

The lipase test, also known as the lipase test in the blood, can be shown if lipase levels are high. High levels may indicate a pancreatic problem.

The doctor can also check the levels of another enzyme, called amylase, at the same time as the lipase test. This can provide more information that will help diagnose pancreatic disorder.

In this article, we carefully examine the uses, procedures, results and ranges of lipase testing. We also describe how to reduce high lipase levels.

When do I need a lipase test?
Sample of blood analysis in a vial in vitro for testing.
The lipase test can help diagnose pancreatic disorders.
The doctor usually asks for a lipase test if the person shows signs of pancreatic disorder.

Some symptoms include:

Greasy stools
Nausea with or without vomiting
Severe pain in the upper part of the stomach
Rapid pulse
Weight loss
Lack of appetite
Back pain
The doctor can order the amylase test with the lipase test. Results of the amylase test can be shown if a person has pancreatic disease.

Levels of amylase can indicate the following disorders:

Pancreatitis or swelling of the pancreas, which may be chronic or acute
Gallbladder inflammation
Gastrointestinal disease
Kidney disease
Pancreas cancer
After diagnosis, the doctor can use lipase and amylase tests to monitor the treatment of the condition.

The lipase test is similar to any other simple blood test.

The technician will first tie a band around the arm until the blood accumulates in the vein. The technician then selects the vein and cleans the area and draws the blood with a small needle.

The technician then sends the blood sample to the laboratory, where lipase levels are measured and analyzed.

Results times vary, depending on facilities. Ask your doctor to calculate when results are expected. The doctor will arrange to review the results with the person.

How to prepare
Contraceptive pills.
Antihypertensive drugs can affect the results of lipase testing.
Preparation for the lipase test is minimal. As with any medical examination, follow the advice and instructions of doctors and technicians.

Usually, the doctor asks the person to fast for a specified period, usually between 8 and 12 hours, before the blood test.

The person taking the medication or supplements should inform the doctor in advance because some substances interfere with the results of the lipase test. Your doctor may be discouraged from taking certain medications before the test.

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