You can get DMSO at the pharmacy

You can get DMSO at the pharmacy. To be sure, try compatibility on a small area of ​​the skin, for example, on the fold of the arm.

If there are no problems after a few hours, you can rub the affected area with DMSO and then place an ointment or dye with arnica.

5. Pain proteins
Proteolytic enzymes have important treatment of proteins. It also occurs naturally in the human body.

It is known that protein enzymes reduce the levels of inflammation in the blood and reduce scar tissue as part of the enzymatic treatment. In addition, it works against swelling, water deposits and pain.

The analysis of several scientific studies on the effect of proteolytic  primalis rx enzymes on rheumatism showed that oral treatment with enzymatic enzyme neutralizing proteins could reduce the corresponding symptoms.

Consider enzymatic preparations in the capsules of the intestinal capsules, so that the enzymes are active in the intestine and can pass from there to the bloodstream. Otherwise, most enzymes in the stomach (gastric acid in addition to gastric stomach juices)

Details about enzyme therapy can be found here: Enzymatic therapy

6. Incense for pain
Incense (also known as Boswellia) refers to rubber tree resin. But you can also use incense oil preparations to relieve pain.

Incense prevents various processes in the human body that can cause or exacerbate inflammation, as several studies have shown. In this way, incense is prevented from exaggerating the immune system, a problem especially in arthritis, because the disease is an autoimmune disease.

Scientific studies show that milk therapy can improve the movement of arthritis.

Incense is incorporated with turmeric (see point 2), when external incense is used more effectively than the diclofenac residue.

In 2012, scientists from the Anugraha Medical Center in Kerala

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