February 2017

  • Myths about diets

    As a dietitian, I meet a lot of patients who come out with these crazy myths about diets. Everybody who can read and has internet connection is a doctor today. Some of them argue with me, based on things they read on some website. Now let's bust some myths about diets, proven by science, not made up by grandma.

    Eggs increase cholesterol. Wrong, you can actually eat 2 eggs a day for your whole life and be as healthy as a bull (diabetic bulls are an exception). Yes, except...

  • Protein shakes: Good or bad?

    Good. This could have been the article, but I know some of you health freaks want to know why, or just like reading long articles and make me write more.

    We talked about it in previous articles, protein is essential for your health, especially in diets. Protein shakes are not only for bodybuilders. Yes, they buy the majority of the protein powder on the market, but these shakes can actually replace a meal when you're on a diet. It's actually the solution to all people who diet, and that's...

  • Why you are not losing weight

    Time and time again I tell people how to lose weight, how to eat healthy and maybe that's not how this works for you. So I should probably tell you why you are not losing weight.

    I'll even copy a magazine structure and make it: ten reasons why you are not losing weight :)

    1. You eat more calories than you burn. This is actually the only reason why you are not losing weight, the other nine are just to make the article longer, but keep on reading, it might help...
  • Low carb diet

    Normally, I would not recommend internet diets because most of them are based on experience and not science (this one's on science :P ).

    What are carbs anyway? Well, carbs, or carbohydrates, are molecules that contain atoms of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen. When it comes to diets, internet people use simple carbs and complex carbs. We, dietitians, use whole and refined carbohydrates.

    Basically, whole carbohydrates contain natural fibers (unprocessed) and refined carbohydrates were...

  • Why intermittent fasting is bad

    I will never understand how so many people actually try these stupid methods that the "so called" internet nutritionists invent overnight. You clicked here to understand why intermittent fasting is bad? I will make it short at first and explain later, for people who are here for a quick answer: you will gain the lost pounds back in no time, you will lose muscle mass, you will get fewer nutrients, so your cell division will be slower (cells die every day, and if the other cells don't divide,...

  • Healthy snacks for kids

    There are few "REAL" healthy snacks for kids, and I will name the ones I know, but I will also name some that are less unhealthy than "REGULAR" snacks.

    For some reason, I see many articles about this subject (probably a very popular keyword and an opportunity for some to get some clicks), but most of the recipes contain sugar, and you know how I feel about sugar, right?

    I see "healthy" as unprocessed, simple, packed with nutrients food that can release the energy gradually. There's a...

  • Sugar: The main ingredient for obesity

    Added sugar is the worst ingredient in the world. Half glucose/half fructose, sugar will be your enemy, especially if you are obese. Fructose is metabolized by the liver, regardless of the amount you ingest. The problem is, overloading the liver with sugar will force it to transform it into fat. Almost all of it. So every time you eat food that has added sugar, you "stick" some fat on your belly.  The belly is the least of your problems, sugar adding fat to the liver itself, causing...

  • Which diet actually works

    You tried them all, haven't you? Low carb atkins, paleo (probably meat based too), 5:2 diet, dukan, acid-alkaline, that stupid cambridge weight plan and so on. And it didn't work? Wow, that I did not expect!

    The problem with most of the diets is that they change your lifestyle 180 degrees. You replace most of your food, and you start to work out hard even though you were not an active fella in the past.

    You actually need baby steps to make it work. I always tell my patients to start with a...