My name is Tudor and I am an endocrinologist in Romania. I was a resident at Lyon University Hospital in France, specialized in Diabetes, Nutrition, and Metabolic diseases. I am also a registered dietitian (RD) with a master’s degree, and a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator).

On this blog I am a dietitian, I will not be your personal endocrinologist. As a dietitian, I can help you balance your food with medication and activities (the right way), plan your meals, make food substitutions, help you understand food labels and bust some evergreen myths about diets that might affect your health.

On this blog you can read my personal opinions, you can get some diet ideas based on my 10 years medical experience (not some guy who just made up a new diet), and a bunch of things you probably already know and didn’t try yet because you did not think if it will work for you.

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