Dietitian’s advice

  • About the Atkins Diet

    The Atkins Diet claims that you will lose 7kg in the first fourteen days of stage 1 - but it additionally states that those aren't the standard results. Atkins Diet says that you may at first eliminate water weight. It’s from that you will keep losing weight steadily in stages 2 and 3 as long as you don't eat more carbohydrates than your body can tolerate.

    A lot of people can lose weight on nearly every diet program that restricts calorie consumption - at least for a while. Over the...

  • What is the Ketogenic diet (keto diet)

    The keto diet is really low in carbs, turning your body into a mean lean fat burning machine. There are benefits, but also some side effects.


    The keto diet is just like the other strict diets (Atkins or LCHF – meaning low carb and high fat), and these two diets in brackets end up being ketogenic without by accident. Compared to LCHF, the ketogenic diet has restrictions on protein in the latter.


    A keto diet is designed particularly to lead to ketosis. You can reach...

  • What is the Paleo Diet

    Following make-up tips helps improve appearance but it can't ever assist in weight loss. To cope with your weight diet is important. An excellent diet to try is the Paleo diet. Additionally, it is called the Caveman Diet or Stone Age group diet. Advocates of the diet encourage visitors to eat unprocessed foods. They demand that individuals eat only foods which were present through the times of our ancestors when they were hunters and gatherers. The Caveman diet centers around eating meat,...

  • Diet soda directly related to heart attack and stroke

    Drinking two or more diet drinks a day may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke, in healthy postmenopausal women, based on a brand new University of Iowa study.

    This is among the greatest studies on this particular topic, as well as findings are consistent with some previous data, particularly those linking diet beverages to the metabolic syndrome.

    About one in five people in the U.S. have diet drinks on a given day, according to data from the...

  • Diabetes banned foods

    Diabetes is a chronic disease which has reached epidemic proportions among children and adults globally.

    Uncontrolled diabetes has many serious effects, including blindness, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and other complications.

    Prediabetes has also been connected to these illnesses.

    Notably, eating the wrong foods promote inflammation, which might boost your danger of disorder and can raise your blood glucose and insulin levels.

    This informative article lists foods that...

  • About Triglycerides

    Triglycerides are a form of fat.

    While you do need triglycerides to provide your body with energy, having too many triglycerides in your blood can raise your own risk of coronary disease.

    Obesity, regular alcohol use, uncontrolled diabetes as well as a high-calorie diet can lead to high blood triglyceride levels.

    This informative article investigates 13 methods to naturally lower your blood triglycerides.


    At any time you eat a lot more calories than you actually want, those calories...

  • Vitamin D without vitamin K?

    Getting sufficient levels of vitamin D and vitamin K is important for your wellbeing.

    However, some sources assert if you're low in vitamin K. that supplementing with vitamin D is dangerous

    What ’s the truth?
    Vitamin K and vitamin D are crucial, fat-soluble nutrients.

    They're usually most abundant in high-fat foods, as well as their absorption into the bloodstream is improved when they can be consumed with fat.

    One of vitamin D’s keep sufficient calcium levels in your blood and...

  • Myths about diets

    As a dietitian, I meet a lot of patients who come out with these crazy myths about diets. Everybody who can read and has internet connection is a doctor today. Some of them argue with me, based on things they read on some website. Now let's bust some myths about diets, proven by science, not made up by grandma.

    Eggs increase cholesterol. Wrong, you can actually eat 2 eggs a day for your whole life and be as healthy as a bull (diabetic bulls are an exception). Yes, except...

  • Protein shakes: Good or bad?

    Good. This could have been the article, but I know some of you health freaks want to know why, or just like reading long articles and make me write more.

    We talked about it in previous articles, protein is essential for your health, especially in diets. Protein shakes are not only for bodybuilders. Yes, they buy the majority of the protein powder on the market, but these shakes can actually replace a meal when you're on a diet. It's actually the solution to all people who diet, and that's...

  • Why you are not losing weight

    Time and time again I tell people how to lose weight, how to eat healthy and maybe that's not how this works for you. So I should probably tell you why you are not losing weight.

    I'll even copy a magazine structure and make it: ten reasons why you are not losing weight :)

    1. You eat more calories than you burn. This is actually the only reason why you are not losing weight, the other nine are just to make the article longer, but keep on reading, it might help...