Here’s a fact: We eat out on average 206 times per year. That’s going out to lunch four  times a week.

I know it’s convenient  to buy lunch then to cook it, but most of the time that lunch is packed with sodium, a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol. On the other hand, home-made food has almost none of that, so you don’t risk high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems.  But we all know we cannot give up eating out, so here are a few tips that can help you eat healthier at a restaurant.

We all know grilled, steamed and baked foods are much healthier, compared to fried food, but you should look for foods with high sodium content, like teriyaki, in broth, smoked, also you can try pickled and marinated.

Sandwiches should be filled with fresh meat, not bacon, sausages or ham. Fresh meat is lower on sodium.

Salads should be simple, avoid croutons, cheese and creamy sauces. You can replace the sauce with a vinaigrette.


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