There are few “REAL” healthy snacks for kids, and I will name the ones I know, but I will also name some that are less unhealthy than “REGULAR” snacks.

For some reason, I see many articles about this subject (probably a very popular keyword and an opportunity for some to get some clicks), but most of the recipes contain sugar, and you know how I feel about sugar, right?

I see “healthy” as unprocessed, simple, packed with nutrients food that can release the energy gradually. There’s a simple rule that you should apply to make sure you are never wrong with healthy snacks:

Give your kids mostly base foods, like fruits,  yogurt (fat is fine in yogurt, don’t buy the 0% ones), nuts, carrots, oatmeal (whole rolled, not the sweetened one) ”

Now let’s make this article longer:


Don’t buy the sweetened one, whole rolled is the way to go. I prepare it with milk for extra calcium, but you can make it with warm water too (sweetened with small apple cubes)


Just make sure your kid is not allergic to nuts before giving him any. Also make sure your kid knows how to handle the texture of the nut, eliminating the choking hazard. Usually you give nuts to a child at 4 years old (some recommend earlier, like 2 years old, but 4 is safer).


Yogurt is a great source of calcium, kids love it. You can make it sweet with a drizzle of honey and some chopped fresh fruits. NEVER in your life buy the yogurt “for kids” that’s packed in sugar  and offer absolutely no benefits. Make your own fruity yogurt.


Yes, popcorn is not junk food, it’s actually a very nutritious snack, if you don’t buy the butter and cheesy ones. Simple plain salty popcorn is a great snack for a kid.


Fruit smoothies are my favorite snack for a kid, because I can hide in it the ingredients that he never eats and I want him too. I use some yogurt, some almond/soy milk, honey, some berries (frozen is fine) and add the “special ingredient”, like spinach or celery.

Boiled eggs:

Hard boil eggs are a great protein snack for a kid. Eggs contain selenium and vitamin b12, i highly recommend them. Cut the egg in 4 little ships ( 😉 ) and let the sea monster eat the ship.

Potato chips:

Baked. Sweet potatoes or normal potatoes, sliced and baked, slightly salted. You can also slice them like french fries, but don’t use any oil.

I’m sure there are more that can be added to this list, but I’m also sure a lot of the people writing about this have no idea what healthy means. Just make sure the food is not processed and you are the only person that adds ingredients to it.

What, the end and no chocolate? This sucks.

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