Most of the people with lactose intolerance don’t know much about it, not to mention the people who give advice on it and basically don’t know much about it either. Since everyone with lactose intolerance opens up a google page to get information instead of going to a doctor, maybe one of them will find this page and actually get a doctor’s opinion, even if it’s a romanian one :).

So what is lactose intolerance anyway? I call it digestive disturbances caused by the lack or not enough intestinal lactase (enzymes that break down lactose). Lactose is actually the sugar in the milk . There is no cure, but the symptoms can be held under control with diet. If you don’t digest the lactose, it will cause you stomach pain (cramps) and gases.

Some people think intolerance and allergy are one and the same. They are not. Milk allergy is less common (actually very uncommon). It will cause a rash, it would be very difficult to breath, has nothing to do with being bloated and gassy.

Intolerance to lactose doesn’t mean you ban dairy products. I will give you some ideas and you can experiment on your own body (i didn’t get the “OK” for experiments on humans in Romania, so might as well try on you guys 😛 – Kidding! Or am I?).

The reason I am telling you this, is because I know you don’t take calcium pills and I also know you need calcium badly. Avoiding all dairy prevents you from getting the calcium you need to function. Maybe you won’t feel the lack of calcium right away, but in time you will, trust me.

Very often, people with lactose intolerance can consume small amounts of diary. If 1 cup of milk makes you bloat and gassy, just try half a cup. You can eat milk chocolate, ice cream (chocolate ice cream is a little better), aged cheese like swiss or cheddar and you can combine 1/4 of a cup of normal milk with 3/4 lactose free milk. Intestinal lactase should be “trained” to produce more enzymes in time. It won’t hurt you and after 2-3 months you will probably know the exact amount of diary you can consume and not feel bloated and gassy.

Keep avoiding dairy and you might end up (God Forbid!) with different types of cancer, osteoporosis and even hypertension caused by the lack of calcium in your body. Yes, calcium is that important!

Some forms of lactose intolerance are severe and you really need to find a way with your doctor, after some tests. If you know your case  is worse than what I wrote so far, go to a doctor.

Now the tips:

Don’t consume milk alone. The symptoms are milder if you add it in a bowl of cereals, or eat it with snacks.

Consume less and not every day. Take a jug, half cereals and half milk, see what it does for you. Every 2-3 days, not every day.

Drink chocolate milk. It’s less harmful for your body combined with chocolate and nutritionally speaking, they are about the same.

Lactase enzyme drops. You put them in your milk and  it makes your meal much easier.

Eat more spinach and kale, also munch on some almonds, these contain calcium.

Hope this helped, looking forward to your bloaty gassy reply, if it didn’t work 🙂 (don’t worry, it’s gonna work! And if it doesn’t you ate too much, your fault. 😛 )

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