Good. This could have been the article, but I know some of you health freaks want to know why, or just like reading long articles and make me write more.

We talked about it in previous articles, protein is essential for your health, especially in diets. Protein shakes are not only for bodybuilders. Yes, they buy the majority of the protein powder on the market, but these shakes can actually replace a meal when you’re on a diet. It’s actually the solution to all people who diet, and that’s lunch at work. You might not have time to eat, you might not have a fridge at work or you just don’t feel like packing food every day (buying food would be a bad idea). So you take your shaker with you, the exact amount of powder in a sealable bag and you prepare it with water at work. It’s healthy, filled with nutrients, can keep you full until you get home, cheap and convenient.

So what protein powder should you buy? It depends. Most of the people recommend whey protein, because it’s absorbed really fast and give you the full sensation in a couple of minutes (being a dietitian, I usually talk about diets and lifestyle, bodybuilders should search for niche forums and websites, maybe for them casein is better).

So we got whey, casein, pea protein, rice protein, hemp protein and soy protein. I also recommend whey, because it’s a complete protein, so it contains all nine amino acids we need. Comes in different tastes, I recommend buying one that tastes good. Some people take it to extreme and buy unflavored protein shakes, thinking it makes a big difference. It’s a matter of about 50 calories/shake, but it tastes awful and you will have a hard time drinking it. It replaces a meal, it should be your meal so it should taste good.  Buy the stevia sweetened one, it’s healthier. The other ones are not that bad either, because you will not abuse this enough to make a difference, but just for your own mental health, buy the stevia one.

Just remember, you don’t really need these powders. You can get all the protein you need from solid food, but this is just a decent alternative, when you don’t want to pack your meal and eat at work. You can drink the shake while typing on your laptop, so it’s more convenient and it’s safe to use.

Just as a reminder, eating protein will help you lose fat, increasing the calories burned per day, so you really need proteins in your diet.

Now go google some shakers, make sure it’s leak proof 🙂 (ok, you want a name: look for blenderbottle classic, it’s one of the best)

Of course you scrolled some more, maybe there’s a whey protein I wrote about. No idea, just make sure it tastes good and it’s sweetened with stevia. Happy dieting.

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