Added sugar is the worst ingredient in the world. Half glucose/half fructose, sugar will be your enemy, especially if you are obese. Fructose is metabolized by the liver, regardless of the amount you ingest. The problem is, overloading the liver with sugar will force it to transform it into fat. Almost all of it. So every time you eat food that has added sugar, you “stick” some fat on your belly.  The belly is the least of your problems, sugar adding fat to the liver itself, causing resistance to insulin.

The worst of all is liquid sugar. Found in beverages in very large amounts, liquid sugar has a hidden side. The calories in these sweetened beverages are not counted at all by the brain. The total calories at the end of the day for a Coke addict can be double. More than 60% of the obese kids out there share a direct link to this sweet poison.

A large part of the morons out there actually goes to the gym to lose belly fat and drink those sports beverages full of sugar, thinking it will give them more energy to work out. In this case, going to the gym actually makes you fat. In 99% of the cases, diet alone can eat up all your belly fat, you don’t even need to move a muscle.

Start eating labels, people, avoid the food that contains added sugar. It’s pure poison and it will destroy your metabolism. Even the “healthy food” you buy from the supermarket is packed with sugar. Read the label and if it contains sugar, put it back on the shelf. Fitness bars, fitness crunchy cereals with dried fruits, all marketing.

90% of the obese people eat too much sugar. The other 10% just eat too much. There’s no such thing as diseases that make you fat (except the mental ones), you just eat more calories than you burn.

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