The keto diet is really low in carbs, turning your body into a mean lean fat burning machine. There are benefits, but also some side effects.


The keto diet is just like the other strict diets (Atkins or LCHF – meaning low carb and high fat), and these two diets in brackets end up being ketogenic without by accident. Compared to LCHF, the ketogenic diet has restrictions on protein in the latter.


A keto diet is designed particularly to lead to ketosis. You can reach optimal ketone levels for weight loss, and for your mental health. Below you can learn to use keto to achieve your personal goals.


What is Ketosis?

Ketosis “keto” in a ketogenic diet that comes from the fact that it can make your body produce small energy molecules called “ketones”. This particularity is an alternative energy for the body, utilized when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply.


Ketones are produced if a person eats few carbohydrates (that are quickly transformed into blood sugar) plus only moderate quantities associated with the protein (excess protein can also be transformed into blood sugar).

There are three different ketones, or “ketone bodies” utilized as fuel by the specific body. They are:






Ketones are usually produced in the liver, from your fat. These are then used as energy throughout the body, including your brain, and your brain is absolutely a hungry organ that will consume lots of power every day, and it also cannot operate on fat alone. It can only operate on glucose or ketones.


Upon a ketogenic diet plan, your whole body commands the fuel supply to operate almost fully on body fat. Insulin levels become really low and fat burning boosts dramatically. It’s very easy to burn fat using this method. This specific is certainly great when you’re attempting to shed weight, but additionally, there are additional less clear benefits, such as less craving for food and also a steady deposit of energy.


As soon as the body creates ketones we can safely say “you are in ketosis”. You can get there really quick by fasting, but you know I never recommend fasting in any situations except the religious ones that give you some mental benefits.


A ketogenic diet,  can be used consistently and also results in ketosis. They have got many of the great things about fasting – including weight loss – without having to fast.

Who must not do a ketogenic diet?

Nearly anyone can securely perform a ketogenic diet. Yet in these three situations, you may need to skip this diet or be very careful.

Are you currently on medication for diabetes? You should see your doctor 1st. Though the type two diabetes can be somehow reversed thanks to the low sugar blood levels and no effect on insulin, the medication might interact with this diet.

Are you currently on medication for hypertension? You should talk to your doctor first. He would probably say “no”, but who knows, maybe you find a doctor that doesn’t give a damn ?

Are you currently breastfeeding? Your baby doesn’t get enough nutrients from your breast milk if you use the keto diet. I know what you’re thinking, but NO, no formula substitute for him, just keep the “no diet for you”.


Did you know: That Keto diet is actually a treatment for epilepsy? It doesn’t cure it, but helps a lot, lowering the seizure intensity level and decreasing the number of seizures also.

If you decide to go for it, I can help you plan your meals and any other information you need to make it work. I will also write some keto recipes, but I am no cook, it will be rudimentary ?

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