Meat eating goes back a very long time. How long? Well, since we found stone tools for chopping and cutting meat along animal bones, we can safely say that we ate meat way before we discovered fire (so about 2.6 million years ago).

Since then, our craving for a juicy steak triggered some adaptations over the years and generations. Smaller jaws( although our big are oversized now compared to our jaw), the ability to process fat and cholesterol.

So how did this ability to process the fat and cholesterol actually helped us evolve?

To answer some of my vegan clients, we are actually immune to the “fatal” effects of  fat and cholesterol. Humans actually developed special enzymes that break down meat. Well, yes, some of the enzymes were lost when we started to cook it and cut it into small manageable chunks, using knives and forks. Still, we are able to totally break down cooked meat and for most of our existence it has been our main source of food.

It has a downside, of course, cooking our meat makes it softer, so we will probably evolve to very big heads, small jaw and really small teeth. The modern man will evolve into eating mush. 🙂

The whole idea about this article is to defend the meat eaters. We are omnivores. Our digestive system is not long enough to break down the main fiber in plants, cellulose.

Evolution started when we found meat. The brain would stay the same size as 2.6 million years ago if we didn’t discover meat. I would probably not write this and hang from a branch, scratching my genitals (i know some of people still do that, see? eat more meat!).

Meat contains a lot of nutrients like vitamin b12, omega 3(dha, epa), creatine, carnosine, and most of them won’t be available in plants, but necessary to human evolution. Not to mention the high quality protein you miss.

If you ask me, the big enemy here is sugar, trans fats and refined grains. Avoid those and you will live longer, and think like this: “I eat red meat -> Comes from a cow -> cow eats grass -> so basically I eat grass. A whole chunk of juicy grass, but chewier.”


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