I will never understand how so many people actually try these stupid methods that the “so called” internet nutritionists invent overnight. You clicked here to understand why intermittent fasting is bad? I will make it short at first and explain later, for people who are here for a quick answer: you will gain the lost pounds back in no time, you will lose muscle mass, you will get fewer nutrients, so your cell division will be slower (cells die every day, and if the other cells don’t divide, your body ages), very poor sleep, dry skin/rash, the death of intestinal flora.

Now for the ones who wanna read more about it, I will explain why this happens, from a dietitian point of view.

First of all, the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is simple: a bachelor’s degree and an internship in dietetics. Some nutritionists can register with CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration), but most of the nutritionists out there are self declared, inventing new diets and experimenting on idiots.

A good diet is a healthy diet packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins and everything that your body really really needs.  Let me explain why low calories diets and starving yourself doesn’t work. Your body reacts to this as a crisis, not a way to lose weight. He(we see it as a person, as he has a mind of it’s own) will do his best to counter this, by limiting your energy spending, entering in safe mode (you will feel groggy, sleepy and lazy). You will eventually lose weight, because you are stubborn, but your body will remember this period and the first time he will get some real food, he will build a stock, in case something like this happens again. You will lose muscle mass and gain fat every time you give up on a diet like this, because your body will be afraid you will do it again (and unfortunately you will).

Sustainability and protein are vital to a diet. I will always remind you this. If you eat low calories 1 month/year and the other 11 months you eat sugar and fat, you will always look fat, no matter how nice (or scared) your husband/boyfriend is when you ask them that.

You will probably try it anyway, this article is for the people that tried it and are now looking for a real solution to their weight gain.

And by the way, there’s no such thing as cleansing thru starvation. You wanna clean your body from all the toxins you ingested lately? Stop eating toxins, eat right. Go to your dietitian for that, don’t just google “how to eat right”, you will end up in some other nutritionist’s page.

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  1. Fasting doesn’t correlate to starving. I do a 24 hour fast which means i still eat every day, i still get my required 1400-1500 calories a day so i get all the nutrients i need and i still have my sweets ( in moderation) I think some people are just unaware of how to fast and eat low in calories when they do eat.

    1. So you would rather starve 24 hours just to keep your sweets 🙂 It’s all about choices, but on the long run, those sweets will do you harm. A healthy life is not about looking slim, it’s about the fat on your liver, heart and fat deposits on artery walls. You are probably young and your body has not stored enough fat on the inside, so you might think you are ok. It will probably change after 40-ish.

      1. It’s not starving, fasting and starving are two very different things.Instead of eating 3 small meals a day i eat 1 worth the same amount of calories and it is mostly whole foods. I still get my intake of veggies, fruit, lean protein and healthy fats, And i dont do this just to eat sweets. I’m saying i can still eat sweets if i crave it unlike most “diets” that restrict this, and when the person stops the diet they gain all the weight back. I’m also not saying fasting cant be bad, it can be if the person isnt properly informed of what to do, how to eat and how to listen to their body.

        1. Unlike most websites, you stumbled on a dietitian blog. So as a dietitian, I am telling you fasting is worse than normal diets. Overeating will store fat and that fat will not be burned in those 24 hours, you will burn sugar and then feel tired and not in the mood for anything. Try fasting with water also, see how it goes 🙂 Drink 2.5 liters, then don’t drink for 24 hours. 🙂 Same applies with food. You must understand that these are ways to try and cheat the system. Your system. Eventually, your body realises what’s happening and every time you eat he will say “Screw it, gonna store this as fat, because he’s not going to feed me for 24 hours or more”.

  2. That’s not entirely true. It would be if i i ate once and day and during that eating period i ate a lot of refined carbs and those carbs went over my bmr. My metabolism burns 2000 calories a day i eat 1400-1500 calories a day. So i’m creating a deficit, not overeating. Also if i eat mostly whole food, my glycogen levels wont rise that much so i have less sugar to burn. So when i do fast, i burn the sugar but it also taps into fat storage for energy. However If i don’t consume anything for 3 or 4 days consecutively and there is no glycogen or fat to get energy from, then the body looks for energy in the muscles. And for debate purposes if what you are saying is true, and i don’t have a lot of glucose in my body to burn in the first place why would the body look to store fat if it needs energy? If anything it’s going to USE the available fat i do have as energy.
    And if fasting is so bad, what about the people that do it for religious reasons? My grandmother did a 24 hour fast twice a week for almost 40 years. She lived until she was 89 and she was very active and healthy.

    1. I will not start an argument, we have different opinions, that’s all. Mine is from the book i’ve studied, yours is from what you’ve heard and what grandma used to do. I personally trust my books more, but doesn’t mean i’m 100% right. Thank you for your comment.

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