Time and time again I tell people how to lose weight, how to eat healthy and maybe that’s not how this works for you. So I should probably tell you why you are not losing weight.

I’ll even copy a magazine structure and make it: ten reasons why you are not losing weight 🙂

  1. You eat more calories than you burn. This is actually the only reason why you are not losing weight, the other nine are just to make the article longer, but keep on reading, it might help anyway.
  2. Sometimes you can lose fat and get muscle mass and the counter shows the same weight, but you are actually losing some. This happens when you eat a lot of protein and work out while you diet. You can’t really tell, because the muscle is still covered in fat, so you might think it’s not working.
  3. You don’t eat enough protein. As I said in my previous articles, eating protein makes you lose weight, because it helps your body burn more calories. Also calories fill you up, preventing your cravings for snacks.
  4. You don’t eat enough whole foods. You need to start cooking with fresh ingredients and stop buying the crappy “healthy foods” from the supermarket. Yes, the processed, easy to throw in the microwave, full of flavor, no nutrients, useless junk ones. A diet requires cooking skills or a skilled cook as your life partner.
  5. You eat sugar. Maybe you don’t even know it, because you don’t read labels, you just look at the picture and see a scale and a skinny girl on the box and you assume it’s safe to eat. If it contains sugar, it’s not diet food.
  6. You don’t drink enough water. 30 minutes before a meal you should drink at least a glass of water (2 is better). Also, drinking water makes you burn more calories.
  7. You don’t know you are eating. It’s called mindful eating and it involves paying attention to what you are doing and not get distracted by a book, TV or a person. Just sit down and eat your veggies, nothing more. Chew your food, eat slowly, divide your meal in two and stop when you get to second part, drink a glass of water and if you really really feel like eating some more, eat the second half. In most cases you won’t need to eat the second half. Just don’t think that you will be hungry later and you should fill up right now. You can eat 3 meals and 2 snacks in between, so there’s a snack coming soon.
  8. You don’t sleep enough.  Sleep is very important in a diet. People with good sleeping habits lose about 30% more weight. It also helps you with the lack of snacks between dinner and breakfast ;).
  9. You don’t excercise. I won’t say exercise is the key to a healthy diet, but it’s the key to a healthy lifestyle and definitely helps in a diet. 80% of the fat loss comes from your kitchen, but a good walk in the park not only helps you burn some calories, it also helps you relax, stress being your main enemy right now. If you are obese, it’s not recommended to do heavy lifting, running and jumping around, since your heavy body will have a great impact on your joints. Stick to walking and eating well and you will get there just as fast.
  10. Probably the most important one and I kept this one at the end for the people who actually read the wall of text above. Go to a dietitian. Internet diets suck, this I can tell you for sure. Every body has it’s own metabolism rate, every person has a different budget, some of the ingredients are not accessible to everyone and MOST OF THE DIETS DON’T WORK FOR EVERYONE. Sure, you can lose some weight with these diets, but a personalized diet made by a dietitian will probably give you more options on what to eat, tastier food and better results in half the time. If internet could replace dietitians, they would not exist anymore. The charge? I would say, around 100$, depending on your location.
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